About FCFC

A. Company Overview

      Formosa Chemicals & Fibre Corporation (FCFC) was founded on March 5, 1965. At the time of our inception, Taiwan was in great shortage of natural fibers due to the lack of resources. In support of a rapidly developing textile industry, we decided to build an integrated fiber plant that made wood pulp from small broadleaf woods or twigs grown along the paths of forests in mountainous regions of Taiwan for the production of rayon and engaged in textile processing. After years of rapid expansion, the company now has seven business divisions, namely First Chemical Division, Petrochemicals Division, Third Chemical Division, Plastics Division, Textile Division, Nylon Division, and Engineering & Construction Division, as well as a carpet project team. In recent years we have diversified into petrochemical and power generation businesses with plants in Changhwa, Ilan, Dongshan, Chiayi Hsin Kang, and Yunlin Mailiao, turning ourselves into a major manufacturer of chemicals, fibers, petrochemical and plastic materials in Taiwan.

      Our major businesses are production and sales of petrochemical products, including PTA, PS, AN, Butadiene, SM polymer, SM, benzene, toulene, p-xylene (PX) and o-xylene (OX), as well as nylon fiber, and rayon staple fiber. We also engage in spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing. On the basis of existing know-how, we will continue to invest in related businesses to ensure steady and sustained operation.

B. Date of establishment: March 5, 1965.

C. Businesses:

1.Manufacture and sales of rayon-grade wood pulp.

2.Production and sales of chemical fibers.

3.Dyeing and finishing of chemical fibers and sales of processed fibers.

4.Manufacture and sales of machinery for chemical fibers.

5.Manufacture and sales of other industrial-grade chemical products and processed goods.

6.Forestation for own supply of wood materials, logging and wood processing.

7.Research and improvement of chemical fibers and other industrial-grade chemical products, and promotion of their applications.

8.Contracting builders to develop industrial parks approved by the government agency, and developing, leasing and managing industrial parks under the commission of government agency (except construction).

9.Power generation for own use and sales of extra power as provided by law.

10.Trading and import/export of aforementioned products and materials.

11.Manufacture of petrochemical materials.

12.Manufacture of plastic materials.

13.Water treatment.

14.Cable installation.

15.Machine installation.

16.Installation of instruments and panels.

17.Other businesses not prohibited or restricted by law.