3rd Petrochemicals Division


The 3rd Petrochemicals Division was established in 1988 to operate one 250,000 MT/Y PTA plant in Longte, Ilan. As part of ongoing investment plans under the No. 6 Cracking Project, we commenced construction of two 420,000MT/Y PTA plants in Mai-liao, Yunlin in 1994. These two plants were completed in September 1998 and August 1999 respectively, and began production at 120% of the original design capacity.Through two stages of continuous debottleneck effort thereafter, the annual capacity of each plant has been increased to 550,000 MT/Y

As a response to the increasing demand for PTA in both domestic and overseas markets,and whilst more polyester producers continued to expand, plans commenced in December 1998 to upgrade the 250,000 MT/Y PTA plant in Longte, Ilandoubling production to 500,000 MT/Y with a more advanced PTA process. Once the new plant officially started operations in March 2002, quality standards were readily compliant with international standards with an actual production capacity of 550,000 MT/Y. In 2006, after two stages of debottleneck works, capacity rose to 700,000 MT/Y.

Owing to significant growth in demand for PTA from China, and having considered both transportation and custom duty costs, we decided to build a new PTA plant with a design capacity of 600,000 MT/Yin Ning-Bo, China in October 2003.By June 2008, thanks to optimization adjustments, the annual capacity had achieved 800,000 MT/Y and after further debottleneck improvements, actual capacity can now reach 1,200,000 MT/Y.

To meet projected consumption demand for PTA/PIA at that time, a further new 400,000 MT/Y PTA plant was established in September 2005, capable of being transformed into a 200,000 MT/Y PIA plant. In September 2009, PTA production was officially started and achieved the goal of a 400,000 MT/Y capacity. In more recent years, PTA production capacity in the world has exceeded changing demand, and due to the ability to source the raw material meta-xylene (MX) for PIA from 1st Petrochemicals Division, we made a determined move into the PIA market in 2012.

With more than 25 years of development, the 3rd petrochemical division has adhered to a longstanding philosophy of the Formosa Petrochemical Group that stresses Ultimate Excellence , Simplicity and Frugality, Sustainable Operation, Dedication To The Society. Through continuous improvement and optimization, we constantly strive for efficiency and cost reduction, boosting competitiveness and maintaining outstanding quality assurance in addition to striving for targets of zero hazards and zero pollution in coordination with government policy.

B. Major Businesses

1.    PTA:Current total capacity 1,800,000 MT/Y. Main customers include Nan-Ya, Far Eastern, Tainan Spinning, Chung Shing, Chang-Chun, Tuntex, as well as customers in China such as Hangzhou Top, Zhejiang Materials, Zhink, Ning-Bo Very, Lianda, Jiabao, Ziwei, Huaxin and Guxiandao.


2.    PIA:Current total capacity 200,000 MT/Y supplying not only domestic polymer and coating customers such as Nan-Ya, Far Eastern, Tainan Spinning, Shin Kong, DSM, Yung Chi(Rainbow), Eternal, Lidye, but also more than 30 overseas markets, including Korea, Japan, India, China, Europe, Russia, Austria and Middle East.