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To provide a wide variety of man-made fiber materials for the weaving and apparel industries, the Nylon Division built an integrated production line at Changhua plant area to produce nylon chips, nylon yarn and textured yarn for clothing materials.  Since our nylon plant is in operation, we have been undertaking process improvement and equipment upgrade to boost output.

As the demands for nylon grew, we brought in the most advanced equipment from then West Germany in 1980 to produce yarn for tire fabrics.  With output of 2,110 metric tons per month, it helped domestic producers to reduce their reliance on imported tire cord yarn and save considerable foreign exchange. Indirectly, it drove the development of transportation business and other related industries.  To meet domestic demands, we embarked on expansion with output of 580 metric tons per month to produce multipurpose fishing net yarn for the fishing net, canvases and leather industries.

In light of the continuously increasing demands for nylon products in the domestic and overseas markets, we added a 2,418 metric-tons-per-month nylon yarn and a 1,100 metric-tons-per-month draw textured yarn (DTY) facilities at Xingang plant area in 1991 on top of our existing capacity of 6,632 metric tons nylon yarn per month at Changhua plant area.  

In seeking management rationalization and quality upgrade to render our products more competitive in the domestic and overseas markets, we carry out in-depth examination of deficiency at every link of management to discover problems and take remedial actions.  Through the continuous cycle of improvement of "Plan", "Do", "Check",and "Act", we keep on perfecting our management system. In recent years, we also direct our efforts at developing customer-oriented, high value-added products, including monofilament, tricot yarn, highcount yarn, dope dyed yarn and fulldull yarn to diversify our market, increase sales and meet customer needs. We have been implementing 5S/TPM activities as well as ISO-9002, ISO-14001, SGS systems.  So far all of our plants have received ISO and SGS certifications in both quality and environmental management.












Currently our sales department sells Nylon 6 chips, POY, HOY, FDY, DTY, Tire cord yarn-N6 & N66, Fishing net yarn and Functional yarn, etc.




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